Little Jerry

September 7th, 2011

1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe©

I bought a loaded 1929 Model A 4 Door Sedan when I was 14 years old. It was black and beautiful-really a nice looking and nice running car. Financially, times were not good for my Dad when I bought the car and sadly the engine in his car cratered shortly after I acquired the Model A. Dad just didn’t have the money to repair his car so one day he said, “Jim, I hate this, but I just have to commandeer your car”, I just have no choice!! Dad was a fairly rapid driver and one day on the 18 mile trek to his sand and gravel plant, he hydroplaned the car on a culvert and when it came down after being in the air, the body broke in two just behind the windshield. We wired it up with # 9 wire and drove it that way for a couple of months until Dad found a coupe body with a rumble seat. The body needed a paint job bad and that is what you see after painting was completed. Upon graduation from high school, myself and 3 of my buddies drove this baby out to California and back to our home in Waynoka, Oklahoma. I sold it in 1948 for $55.00 at an auction in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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