The Rare One

August 29th, 2011

1928 Erskine Model 50 Tudor Sedan©

The Erskine was built from 1926 to 1930 in South Bend, Indiana as a subsidiary of the Studebaker Corporation. It was named after Albert R. Erskine who ran Studebaker from 1915 until 1933. Due to corporate financial problems, Mr. Erskine took his own life in 1933. The Erskine was originally intended to be in the low priced field, but at an average price of $975.00, it just couldn’t do very well as a Ford at that time ran about $500.00 and a full size Oldsmobile was $1195.00. 22,275 Erskines were produced in 1928 and featured a 3 speed transmissiopn and a 6 cylinder engine that developed 18.15 horsepower. This production number included all models for 1928.

One Response to “The Rare One”

  1. Fernando Says:

    The bottom photo is lilkey a late teens Buc, or possibly Hudson, judging fro the radiatir sheel. It definitely is aq middle, or lower high end vehicle because it sports Buffalo Wire Wheels. Buffalo’s were a pretty racey option on mid-line cars, and standard on few luxury vehicles.