Out of the Barn

July 31st, 2011

1929 LaSalle Coupe©2011antiquecarnut.com

This work of art stood in a building for around 20 years before it was again brought to life by a member of Capital Carriages Car Club, Helena, Mt. in 2011. It had been restored to perfection in about 1990 and shortly afterwards the engine cratered. The engine is now in great working order and purrs as it did when new!! What an automobile!!!

Very Popular

July 30th, 2011

1940 Ford Convertible©2011antiquecarnut.com

Of all the Ford convertibles, 1939 and 1940’s were my convertibles of choice. They had everything, looks, style, design-you name it!! I had 2 friends who owned 1940’s when I was in highschool. One I will never forget. I don’t remember what color it came out with when new, but one of my friends had his painted a light blue and had all the windows tinted blue!! These cars were great for summer nights in Oklahoma!! I snapped this picture at the 2011 Car de Lane show in Couer de Alene, Idaho. It is perfection.

Rarely Seen

July 30th, 2011

1932 Chrysler Sport Coupe©2011antiquecarnut.com

This beautiful thing belongs to a fellow member of the Montana Pioneer and Antique Classic Car Club. I took this picture several years ago while on a car club tour which included Choteau, Mt.

One owner from the Showroom Floor

July 30th, 2011

1957 Pontiac Bonneville convertible©2011antiquecarnut.com

A lady purchased this car new from the Pontiac dealer in Helena, Mt. and it appears as new to the date of inclusion on this site!!

Always a Winner

July 30th, 2011

1925 Dodge Phaeton©2011antiquecarnut.com

I saw this car at the Car de Lane Car Show in Couer de Alene, Idaho last year[2010] and also this year[2011]. You don’t see many antique Dodge cars around at shows anymore. This is an outstanding example of a nice restoration.

Unusual find!!!

July 18th, 2011

1913 Cole Model 60©2011antiquecarnut.com

This 1913 Cole, Model 60, was recently found in a barn somewhere in Montana and belongs to a member of Capital Carriages Antique Car Club in Helena, Montana. It is his intention to donate it to the Antique Car Museum in Deer Lodge, Montana. I cannot be exact, but from what information I have gained, the Cole Motor Company was founded in 1909 in Indianapolis, Indiana and survived until 1928. This car is the 71st Cole of any model known to exist as of this writing. The Cole Motor Club of America website[link on this website] can possibly give any of you viewers interested more details about the Cole!

Star of the Show!!

July 12th, 2011

1930 Chrysler convertible©2011antiquecarnut.com

I saw this car at the Car de Lane car show, Couer de Alene, Idaho a couple of years ago, but couldn’t locate the owner to determine it’s year model. This year, I got lucky!! The car was at the Car de Lane show this year, 2011, and I got to talk with the owner who advised me it is a 1930 model. It is restored to perfection and a joy to behold!! If you haven’t ever made it to this show, you should try to do so. I will venture there were 15,000 people in attendance this year and the show just gets bigger every year!!

Lookers Choice

July 12th, 2011

1932 Ford Deluxe Phaeton©2011antiquecarnut.com

As an antique car nut, I seldom see a car that really gets my attention. I can tell you for sure that this one did!! My son, Gary, and myself attended the Car de Lane parade and car show in Couer de Alene, Idaho June 17th and 18th, 2011 and this car made my day!! What a car!! Ford produced only 923 of these models featuring the new V/8 engine and I’d bet this is one of the very few left restored to perfection. I asked the owner about the history of this car, and his reply was, “I don’t know, I just bought it!” He sure bought a jewel!! No doubt he has deep pockets!!