My Baby

June 26th, 2011

1939 Ford Deluxe 2 Door Sedan©

Owner: Peg Barnekoff
Favorite Car; 1939 Ford Deluxe 2 Door Sedan
Purchased: 1989 in Portland, Oregon
WHY I’M CRAZY ABOUT IT!! The styling, reliability, the smile on the grille, and the feeling of living in a past era.
The car has 64,000 miles on it and runs as good today as it did 72 years ago. The engine has been overhauled, the brakes rebuilt, and repainted the original Gull Gray color. It attracts many admirers wherever it is taken and it is driven!! [26,000 miles since 1989]!
Options include white sidewall tires, wheel trim rings, fender skirts, fog lights, defroster fan, outside rear view mirror and dual exhausts. 1939 was the first year Ford began using hydraulic brakes and the last year for floor shift transmissions. The engine is an 85 horsepower flat head V/8.
MY OTHER CARS: I am a Ford lady!! All my cars are Fords!! They include a 1941 Super Deluxe 2 Door Sedan, a 1955 Fairlane 4 Door Town Sedan, and a 1929 Model A 2 Door sedan.
I love them all, but my baby is the ’39.
I am a member of the Capital Carriages Car Club in Helena, MT. and have been for over 20 years. I thoroughly enjoy the company of my fellow members and also members of our umbrella club-The Montana Antique and Classic Auto Club which has 9 other chapters in the state. If you are interested in joining Capital Carriages or the umbrella club, please scroll down the right hand column of this site to find their websites and you will find how to go about joining us or the chapter nearest your residence. Additionally, if you might wish to join a major national club, you will also find their website on this site.

Simply Gorgeous

June 26th, 2011

1940 Oldsmobile 4 Door Sedan@copy;

Owners: Red and Glenda Tillotson-Missoula, Montana
Favorite car: 1940 Oldsmobile 4 Door Sedan
Why are we crazy about it? If you ever see this car, you will also be crazy about it!! It certainly stands out among a crowd of antique or modified cars!! It was found in a garage in Seely Lake , Montana in the year 2000. It was all original with a few dents, but absolutely no rust. It underwent a nearly 2 year restoration and a lot of changes from factory specifications were made ie., the engine is a 1973 Oldsmobile 455 and has many Joe Mandello pieces-pistons, rods, cam, etc. Other changes include: a Turbo 400 transmission, Dodge Diplomat front end, differential is a Dodge 8 1/2 inch 2:73 posi gear. Rear springs are Mustang 2 with extra main leaf, radiator is a Walker Super Cool with an electric double bladed fan. It has a tilt steering wheel out of a 1980’s Jeep, bucket seats out of a 1990 Oldsmobile on 6 way power seat bases from a Chrysler. The rear seat is stock. In order to insure good brakes, a Corvette master cylinder was included. It features a custom hood ornament made in Missoula, MT., custom window and door knobs made in Helena, Mt. and a custom dash, [it does retain the original glove box]and it has a 16 gallon gas tank. It has custom running boards and custom paint. The paint job was done in dark garnet red with ghost flames by Marvin Jobe in Missoula, Mt.
We are members of the Shifters Car Club, Lolo, Montana and enjoy being with our friends in the club. If you are interested in joining our club, please call Gary at 1-406-369-0505 and he will fill you in on how to join us. If you are interested in joining a national car club, you will find the websites of major car clubs on this site. Just scroll down on the right side of the screen to find the one you might be looking for to join.

Newer Purchase

June 4th, 2011

1954 Chevrolet 210 2 door Sedan© 2011

Owner Darrell Beckstrom

I bought this car last winter on line. When I was in high school, I had a green 1954 Chevy 150 4 door, so this car is quite an improvement. This one has the original 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed standard transmission. It does have some custom work including dual exhausts, baby moon hubcaps, pin striping and Bel Air trim. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it as is, or put it back to original condition. Either way, it is a joy to drive and I get many compliments. I am a member of the Capital Carriages Antique Car Auto Club, Helena, Montana, a chapter of our state club, The Montana Pioneer Antique and Classic Auto Club. If you are interested in joining our Helena chapter, please go to the Capital link located in the right hand column of this site, fill out the application and mail it along with a check for the appropriate dues to Jim O’Connor PMB 2046, One Jackson Creek Road, Montana City, Montana 59634 and Jim will take it from there. If you don’t live near Helena and wish to join a chapter elsewhere in the state, just click on the Montana Pioneer and Classic Auto link on this site and it will tell you about the club and direct you to a contact person in a chapter near where you reside. If you would like to join a national car club, you will find a link to most major clubs in the U.S. on this site.