Loves to go—and Looks It

February 21st, 2011

1956 Chevrolet 2 Door Hardtop © 2011

Some items used for this text are taken from a book titled Chevrolet Chronicle written by Arch Brown, Pat Chappell and Bob Hall. Chevrolet’s slogan for 1956 was”the Hot one’s even Hotter” It was backed up by a disguised ’56 making it up Pikes Peak in 17 minutes, 24.05 seconds, which set a record!! The ’56 models were styled somewhat off the 1955 models but looked longer and sportier. The 1956 Bel Air 2 Door hardtop was the first Chevy ever fitted with seat belts, shoulder harness’ and a padded dash. The 210 model of ’56 was a good looking car, but not anywhere near the look of the Bel Air because of the trim. I was furnished a car by GM at the time and I really looked forward to getting my 1956 model because the powers that be decided it would be a nice touch to furnish us cars with automatic transmissions!! This was a 210 four door, not near as nice looking as the Bel Air. They still would not let us have air conditioning which had come out as a factory option for 1955 models.