Grand Entry

February 19th, 2011

1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Hardtop © 2011

Dealer show day for the 1955 model Chevys was truly a memorable day with the introduction of complete new body styles, V/8 engines and factory air conditioning!! The car pictured was done in one of the most popular color combinations, shorline beige and gypsy red. Chevy in 1955 had 14 colors total, but had 21 tutones. The Bel Air 4 door sedan was the largest seller with 345,372 manufactured,and the Bel Air 2 door Sport Coupe was second with 185,562. I was a District Manager for General Motors Acceptance Corporation at the time of introduction and I made it a point to call on all Chevy dealers in my district that day. They were all elated! They knew they had a winner in the ’55’s and they were right!! The fact was, they had a winner every year after World War Two ended and this model was the icing on the cake!! Imagine having factory air conditioning!! This sure made our hot summers in Oklahoma much more palatible!