Geronimo the warrior

February 18th, 2011

Geronimo © 2011

The following information is taken from website geronimo automobiles and an article therein written by Robert Barron and published July 27, 2009. The Geronimo was built from 1917 until August 14, 1920. Production ceased because the building used for building the cars burned to the ground that date. During the period from beginning in 1917, 600 Geronimo automobiles were manufactured and sold.Two models were built and they were called the 6A-45 which featured a 6 cylinder engine and 4A-40 a 4 cylinder engine. Detroit, watch out-here comes Enid, Oklahoma!! William C. Allen was founder of the company and began by selling $500,000.00 in stock and within 2 years issued $500,000.00 more stock. A million dollars in those days was a huge amount of money! The first autos were built in a building located at 409 South Grand. The Geronimo name is still on that building. Due to the popularity of the car, a new building was built in the far west part of Enid. Employment ranged from 40 to 125 people. Before the building burned and the business shut down, the higher priced model price rose to $1955.00. The car pictured is the only known Geronimo existing. It is used in local parades and other Enid festivities.