Beautiful Styling

April 14th, 2011

1948 Lincoln convertible©

LIncoln carrried this basic styling from the 1941 models through the 1948’s. It’s appearance was ellegant in 1941 and has stayed that way even now. An elderly lady living in my hometown of Waynoka, Oklahoma purchased a new 1941 2 door sedan in a light green color and was she the talk of the town-population 1500. She said, look folks, I’ve got more money than I will ever spend in my lifetime, so why not spend it on a fine automobile? I hope you enjoy looking at it!! I enjoy driving it!!! Besides that, It is none of your business what I do!!! She was something else!! But, she was one heck of a great lady!

The Sistern Story

February 19th, 2011

1934 Lincoln Sedan © 2011

My father-in-law, Roy Millikin of Burkburnett, Texas, purchased a new 1934 Lincoln the same color as the one in this picture. He always believed that the larger the car the less chance of having an accident resulting in serious injury. Over the years he developed cataracts in both eyes and had to wear really thick glasses. My mother in law was convinced he had no business driving due to his bad eye sight. One day, he defied her and was going to drive. He backed the car half way out of their carport and stopped as Mother was raising so much fuss. She grabbed the keys and threw them down the sistern next to the house. Roy left the car where it was parked until he sold it about 16 years later. When sold, all the body was in good condition, but the top had deteriorated and ruined the interior and of course the paint was badly faded. The man who bought it got it started right there in the car port after installing various items and drove it to Florida!!