Ford Advances

August 15th, 2011

1929 Ford Model A Roadster©

The 1929 Fords were very much a makeover from the 1928 models. As near as I can tell, the main difference was the taillight design. 15 colors were offered in 1929-a far cry from way back there when all black was the game with Ford. The 40 horsepower engines were the same for both model years which was double that of the 1927 Model T. It’s a good thing that for once Henry listened to son Edsel and went along with him to produce the Model A.

Cool Car – 1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet

February 17th, 2011

1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet © 2011

The perfectly restored 1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet. I am quoting the following from statistics given in a book called Ford Chronicle written by James M. Flamming and David L. Lewis. This when new was one expensive Model A. It’s price was $670.00 compared to the price of a roadster of $450.00. Only 16,421 cabs were produced as opposed to 191,529 roadsters. With such a price variation, no wonder people went for the roadster if all they wanted was open air when the top was down. This was the first true Ford convertible since a Model T was produced called a Coupelet. It has windows which rolled up or down and gives the car a boxy look as opposed to a roadster, but both types looked sporty! All interiors were upholstered in imitation brown leather and all cabriolets came with black fenders regardless of the exterior colors. Model A’s of 1929 came in 16 different colors. I’m sure not just any of the colors went on a given model, the factory probably dictated applicable colors for a particular body style.