Black Beauty – 1925 Ford Model T

February 17th, 2011

1925 Ford Model T

1925 Ford Model T © 2011

This story was related to me by my father in law, Roy Millikin, of Burkburnett, Texas. He had an uncle, W.H. Millikin, that became very wealthy back in the early 1900’s via drilling for oil and gas in the U.S. and in Mexico. He owned a bank in Bowling Green, Ohio and one day Henry Ford paid him a visit wanting to borrow some start up money for his fledgling auto enterprise as he wanted to expand it and go into mass production. Mr. Millikin asked him how much do you need and Henry told him $70,000.00. MIllikin told my father in law he had that much laying in the top right hand drawer of his desk, but he just couldn’t loan Henry the money because he had beady eyeballs!!! Henry might have had beady eyeballs, but he was sure one smart hombre!! The source of the following information is taken from a book named Ford Chronicle written by James M. Flammang and David L. Lewis. The car in this picture was advertised as a runabout, not a roadster. Equipped with a starter and demountable wheels, this 1925 model sold for $345.00 and 264,436 were produced. Between the years 1909 and 1927 Ford produced 15 million Model T’s. Old W.H. wasn’t too smart, was he?