1947 Chevrolet coupe

December 25th, 2016

The 1947 Chevrolet was pretty much a redo of 1942 and 1946 models.

1932 Chevrolet Confederate 4 door Sedan

December 25th, 2016

This picture was taken at the Port Angeles Chevy Rally in 2014. I took it along with other nice pictures of the 1932 models which happen to be my favorite year for antique Chevys.

Beautifully Restored

January 19th, 2012

1931 Chevrolet Independence 4 door sedan©2011antiquecarnut.com

Small revisions made all the difference in looks of 1931’s as opposed to 1930 models, ie, chrome headlight shells, gracefully shaped taillights,standard wire wheels brightly colored, and an optional radiator stone guard. I took this picture ar a national VCCA rally in Rapid City, S.D. in 1996.

True Beauty

October 5th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet Phaeton©2011antiquecarnut.com

I know there is another picture and article about a ’32 Phaeton on this site, but I’m sorry-I just can’t get enuff of them. I took this picture at a Vintage Chevrolet Club of America rally at Grand Junction, Colorado in 2006. The only accessories missing that I can see would be step plates on the running boards!! The owner really had it decked out!! If I run across any more phaetons, you can bet they will appear on this site!!

Beautiful at 50

September 17th, 2011

1961 Chevrolet Impala convertible©2011antiquecarnut.com

Look at the lines of this automobile!! Are they not gorgeous?? The ’61 Impala convertible number built was 64,600. I didn’t realize until writing this article that the 1957 Bel Air convertible wasn’t the best selling Chevy convertible ever. Only 47,562 of them were produced. The owner of this ’61 must be very proud that it is his or hers possession. I took this picture at the Car de Lane car show in Cour de Alene, Idaho in June 2011.

What a Beauty

August 20th, 2011

1931 Chevroler Roadster©2011antiquecartnuy.com

This is one of many 1931 Chevrolet Roadsters I have on this site

Riding on Coat Tail

August 15th, 2011

1952 Styline Deluxe 2 Door sedan©2011antiquecarnut.com

The 1952 models were really made over ’51s. Body designs were the same, the main differences being the grille and placement of body chrome. The dashes were idendical. The 51’s had a choice of 8 colors as opposed to 13 for the ’52s. The colors of the car pictured are Admiral Blue over Twilight blue. Production of 52’s was down 21.5 percent from 1951 due to the Korean war which accounts for our seeing more ’51s around than 52’s. I can tell you from personal experience the 52’s were very durable as were the 51’s as I owned both models.

It Has Almost Every Accessory

April 20th, 2011

1941 Chevrolet Coupe©2011antiquecarnut.com

This is what a nearly fully accessorized 1941 looks like. I always liked full wheel discs rather than the little rim type that are on this car. I have fully described in the text of the other black coupe present on this site why I really have always liked 1941 models.

A Novelty in 1933

April 15th, 2011

1933 Chevrolet Town Sedan©2011antiquecar.com

Somewhat of a novelty in for the 1933 Chevys was the built in trunk!! Chevy caught on to the fact people were tired of having to load the entire family plus luggage in the interior of their automobile to go on trips. I, with my Mom, Dad and brother personally experienced lack of room when my Dad bought a new 1935 coach with rear mounted spare and no trunk!! People were slow to catch on to a needed trunk in that in the same Chevy Eagle Series, only 30,657 of the town sedan were produced as opposed to 162,629 coaches in 1933!! What was the public thinking??

Happy Days are here again

April 15th, 2011

1948 Chevrolet Sportsmaster©2011antiquecarnut.com

World War Two had been over about 13 months when along came the introduction of the 1948 models. People were scrambling to purchase one as cars used during the war were just worn out, gasoline rationing was over and they were ready to roll and that roll continued for the next 10 years. The 1948 models were basically the same as 1942’s as car manufacturers had those designs and with modest refinements could get production going in a hurry! They did that and at the same time were designing the completely new models for 1949!!

New wheels

April 14th, 2011

1931 Chevrolet 5 window coupe©2011antiquecarnut.com

That’s right!! Wire wheels replaced the 1930 model disc wheels and were now standard on 1931 models. Wire wheels were an option on both 1929 and 1930 models and made such a difference in the appearance regardless of the body style. Chevrolet realized this and thus incorporated them with the nice additional touches made to the 31’s,ie, chrome headlight shells, good looking taillights and more attractive body color options. In the writers opinion ’32 models are nicer looking, but the ’31’s run them a very close second!!

Need Room?

April 13th, 2011

1953 Chevrolet 210 wagon©2011antiquecarnut.com

You’ve got it!! In either 6 or 8 passenger versions. The 210 series offered both versions and the 150 series was 6 passenger only. The 6 passenger 210 outsold the 8 passenger by 2 to 1 in 1953. The writer can attest to the fact that the engines of the ’53’s were something else in that my Dad had a 210 4 door that had 265,000 miles on it when he traded it in after driving it 11 years and it never even had a ring job!!

Cruisin Fever?

April 9th, 2011

1950 Chevrolet convertible©2011antiquecarnut.com

This baby will give it to you!! Put that top down and go down the highway in the summer time!! It just has that zippy look doesn’t it? All us Chevy people know it was very difficult to distinguish a ’49 from a ’50 model. The only way I can tell is the hood ornament!! 1950 hailed the introduction of the 2 door hardtop for Chevy and one would think it would have hurt convertible sales as opposed to 1949, but surprisingly 418 more were sold in 1950 than 1949 in spite of the 2 door hardtop intro!! Must have been a warmer summer!!

Chevy’s Standard Model

April 9th, 2011

1935 Chevrolet Standard 4 door sedan©2011antiquecarnut.com

Who would have thought it? Not me!! In my life, I have hardly ever seen a 1935 Standard model Chevrolet, but production figures show 42,049 of this 4door were produced. So, somebody, somewhere bought them, but I never knew it until I researched it! There was a considerable difference in pricing of the Standard versus the Master series of this 4 door-like $485.00 for this one , but $640.00 for the Master, so considering the depression of the 1930’s was still going on, buying a Standard in very understandable.

Sharp Truck

April 9th, 2011

1946 Chevrolet pickup©2011antiquecarnut.com

The original design of this pickup took place with the introduction of the 1941 models and was carried through the 1946 models. I’m sure Chevy just wanted production to get going after World War Two and didn’t have time to do styling moderations, so stuck with this design and for my part, I am glad they did!! It is a far cry from the late 30’s and the 1940 model in that it features the headlights on the fenders, a well designed hood and grille. It just looks sharp when compared to it’s predecessors! This is a beautiful restoration!

Excellent Choice

April 8th, 2011

1931 Chevrolet Roadster©2011antiquecarnut.com

Another roadster for your perusal!! I guess I just can’t get enuff roadsters!! I love ’em!! I live in Montana and in 20 years I have been in Montana, I have seen one 1931 Chevy roadster and that was a junker loaded on a truck and headed out of state to be restored!!! No wonder I love one when I see it!! Colors make all the difference, don’t they? Which one on this site do you prefer? Let me know just for the fun of it. I’d like to compare our preferences! Every one of the Chevy roadster pictures you see on this site were taken out of state either at a museum or a Chevy rally. I’m glad I’m not caged in Montana!! I’d really have a complex!! For me, roadsters are a must!!!

Top up or down-it’s luxury!!

April 8th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet Cabriolet©2011antiquecarnut.com

This one dear readers is the Chevrolet cabriolet for 1932!! Do you know the difference between a roadster and a cabriolet?? Let me enlighten you if you don’t!! Both have cloth tops, but the cabriolet has window channels attached to the top to accomodate roll up glass windows when the top is up. A roadster has side curtains made of cloth and ising glass that have to be snapped into place and in no manner keep much warmth in the interior during the cold winter nor do they come near keeping 99 per cent of the rain out in the spring!!

Summer Fun

April 8th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet roadster©2011antiquecarnut.com

How about this beautiful thing produced by Chevrolet in 1932? It is a Chevy collector’s dream car!! The couple that own this dream car were touring Yellowstone National Park when I snapped this picture. That’s what most of us would call touring in style!! Just don’t get too close to the elk!! I saw an elk attack a car right in front of me once in Yellowstone and I mean he hit it with a bang!!! He was watching over his harem and the car and driver just got too close!! Perhaps the elk thought the car had more sex appeal than he did!!!

The Chevy leader in 1932?

April 8th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet coach©2011antiquecarnut.com

Boy, did I get a surprise when looking up the production statistics of all Chevy’s in 1932. To my surprise it was not this model, it was it’s sister model-the BA Confederate Standard!! The one pictured is the Deluxe model!! The Deluxe base price was $515.00 and the Standard $495.00. Only 9,346 Deluxes were produced as opposed to 132,109 Standards. For only $20.00 more, the Deluxe could be bought!! But, remember folks-this was the big middle of the 1930’s depression!! For only $20.00 more you got chrome hood ports and cowl lights making the car’s appearance much nicer than the plain vanilla Standard model.

Gorgeous is an understatement

April 8th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet 5 window coupe©2011antiquecarnut.com

When looking at this beautiful thing it makes an old car buff wonder how nice a car can be! I took this picture at a VCCA rally in Rapid City, S.D. in 1996. I remember standing in awe looking at this beauty as well as a lot of other cars just as nice. I thought I must have died and gone to heaven!! That’s the thing about these rallys. Total joy is the only way to describe them!!

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