Want to see the sights

February 12th, 2011

1927 Chevrolet Phaeton © 2011 AntiqueCarNut.com

I have a story to tell about this car!! The owner lives in Butte, Montana. Several years ago, our antique car club, Capital Carriages, of Helena, Montana, was having a tour out of Three Forks, Montana and we decided to go to have a great steak at The Oasis in Manhattan, Montana, about 15 miles from Three Forks. While returning to Three Forks, my wife and myself were driving the last car in the bunch. It was dark and as we drove, all of a sudden, we saw all these car lights. The left tie rod of the ’27 had come loose right after crossing a bridge and it veared to the left side of the highway and when stopped, the left front wheel was dangling over a 60 foot drop!! All of us that could find a place to stand, stood on the right rear of the car to keep it from taking the 60 foot drop while one of the guys hooked up a tow strap and pulled it back to safety!! We loaded it on a car trailer and off we went!! Luck was riding with us that night!!

Chev’s Answer to the Model A

February 9th, 2011

1927 Chevrolet 2 door © 2011 AntiqueCarNut.com

This 1927 Chevy 2 door sure brings back a story my Dad told me about me. His 1930 Chevy was in the Chevy dealers shop in our hometown of Waynoka, Oklahoma being repaired and the dealer loaned him a car just like this, same color and all, to drive while his was being repaired. I was about 3 years old and overheard Dad say somthing was wrong with the headlights on this loaner. So, I grabbed a hammer, went outside and proceeded to knock out the headlight lenses!! As I recall, Dad said thanks Jimmy!! Ho!Ho! Ho! It seems to me this color green must have been very popular on the 1927 and 1928 models as I seldom see any other color on cars at various shows. I have seen a few dark blue ones, but not many and the models are usually 2 doors or sport coupes.