Our Brown Beauty

May 1st, 2011

1974 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Convertible©2011antiquecarnut.com

1974 Chevrolet Caprice Classic ConvertibleOwners Jim and Alice O’Connor

Why do we like this car? When we were in highschool, we were like any other small town kids. We went to every movie we could and almost always every one of them had nice convertibles transporting the actors, creating a strong desire in us to someday own one. That desire was satisfied when we saw this brown beauty on the showroom floor of Northcutt Chevrolet in Enid, Oklahoma, March 4, 1974. It has been driven in 28 states by ourselves and our 4 children over the past 36 years.
We have been members of the Capital Carriages, Helena, Montana chapter of The Montana Pioneer Antique and Classic Car Club for the past 20 years and can’t tell you what a great time we have had with our friends from all over the state. There are 10 chapters throughout the state. If you are interested in joining us, please click the Capital Carriages.org link on the right hand column of this site, fill out the application and mail it with your check for the appropriate dues to Jim O’Connor, PMB 2046, One Jackson Creek Road, Montana City, Montana and Jim will take it from there. If you live elsewhere in the state, please go to the The Pioneer and Classic Car Club link on this site. It will direct you to the chapter and contact person nearest your place of residence. Additionally, if you are thinking about joining a national car club, we have links on this site to most major clubs for your ease in locating the one of your choice.