September 5th, 2011

1952 Chevrolet Styleline 2 Door Sedan©

Owners-Glyn and Belva Verzatt
Members of Capital Carriages Antique Car Club-Helena, Montana
Here’s our story as related by Glyn!! In the spring of 1997 [we think], Belva and I had been looking for a 1938 Chevrolet 2 door Master. It was this model I had when Belva and I married. Although we had looked for sometime, we had been unable to find a ’38 we liked. One day we started for Great Falls, Mt. and as we went by Mark Johnson’s used car lot on Cedar street, we saw a very nice looking ’52 Chevy. As we drove over the Cedar street overpass to find a place to do a 180, Belva said, “you just bought that car didn’t you”. I said I had to look at it first. Well, we did that and while I was in Mark’s office, he said,”Glyn, I think you just bought the car-your wife just moved over to the driver’s seat”!! Naturally, we had to think about it and took off for Great Falls. We stopped at a rest stop near Henry’s Creek and called the lot telling them that contingent on a drive, we would buy the car. It sure looked pretty, but we found out there were a few things wrong with it. Most of them have been corrected. 1952 was a major year in our lives. Belva had just graduated from high school. We were married in December of 1952 and the following week, I received a personal request from the President asking me to come join a bunch of other young guys in Korea!! I was gone in April!!