First Car

September 26th, 2011

1938 Chevrolet Master 2 Door SedanĀ©

This story goes back a long way!! Part of the history of us, Glyn and Belva Verzatt. This ’38 Chevy Master 2 door was my first car and was I ever proud of it!! It was set up to run!! The engine was rebuilt with .30 or .40 over bore, aluminum pistons, dual intake and exhaust, flywheel lightened by 18 or 22 pounds and it might have had 235 powerglide rocker arms. It had skirts and full chrome hubcaps to set off it’s appearance!! I owned it when Belva and I were married in December of 1952, not long after she had graduated from high school. I didn’t get to drive it very long at that time, because Uncle Sam invited me to visit Korea with a bunch of other young men!!

Reliable Transportation

September 8th, 2011

1938 Plymouth©

This was the second car I purchased. I bought it the second semester I was in college at Oklahoma A & M College. It never required any mechanical maintenance even after making many trips around Oklahoma for one reason or another and I owned it about 2 years eventually selling it to my Grandfather as he had totaled his car. As I remember I paid $450.00 for it and sold it to him for $350.00 to give him a good deal. The car was tan with red wheels.