Rise and Fall

March 2nd, 2011

1929 DeSoto Model K 4 Door Sedan © 2011antiquecarnut.com

I’m sure you younger people are not aware that DeSoto was once a very fine automobile. The nameplate was discontinued in 1960 after 32 years. When first introduced, the intent was to put it in competition with the mid priced class of General Motors, Studebaker, and Willys-Knight. The name came from a spanish explorer, Hernando de soto. During it’s production era, slightly over 2,000,000 units were manufactured. The car pictured is a fine example of the first year car produced by DeSoto Motor Corporation, a division of Chrysler Motor Corporation. It featured a six cylinder engine that produced 55 horsepower. Cost of this model when new was $885.00 which was exactly $200.00 more that a top of the line 1929 Chevrolet four door sedan.