Enjoy the jewel of Montana

March 2nd, 2011

1937 White Tour Bus © antiquecarnut.com

Glacier National Park!! The most enjoyable way of seeing all the sights of the park is by one of these buses. If memory serves me right 37 of them [1937 and 1938 models]total served Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks when they were new. Buses used in Glacier were painted red and yellow for Yellowstone. As recent as 6 years ago Ford Motor Company completely refurbished them for further use in the parks. Included were new motors, automatic transmissions, new interiors and new paint. I would guess they accommodate 20 passengers. The driver also serves as the park guide telling the history of the parks, describing the mountains and glaciers and with all the windows and the center of the roof folded back, all the driver talks about are easily seen. I have a convertible and have done both parks in it and I can tell you unequivacably, seeing the parks in it do not come near the joy of seeing via the bus!!