Stylish New Design 1941 Ford 2 Door

February 9th, 2011

1941 Ford Deluxe 2 Door © 2011

The 1941 Ford 2 door was a totally different style as compared to it’s 1940 predecessor. It was designed to look more blocky than any previous Ford and anyone who was lucky enough to have bought one just prior to World War 2 had enough luck-they didn’t need any more!!!

I grew up in   small town, Waynoka, Oklahoma, and a local insurance salesman had a 1941 Ford the same color as the one you see. He doubled as our football and basketball coach and took us to play ball at all out of town games in his ’41.  Due to World War 2, anyone who might have been hired as coach was in the service, so this guy, Kiss Godfrey, assumed the position of coach and under his coaching, our teams did very well!