Greater Beauty

April 14th, 2011

1935 Ford 5 window coupe©

The ’35’s were longer, sleeker and just didn’t look as boxy as their 1933 and 1934 counterparts although the ’33’s nd ’34’s were plenty good looking in their own right! This particular car has been restored to perfection and the owner really enjoys showing it at various car functions. The writer snapped this picture at a Montana Pioneer Antique and Classic car club tour in southwestern Montana which incidentally was one of the best tours my wife and I have ever attended!!

Seldom Seen – 1935 Ford Wagon

February 17th, 2011

1935 Ford Wagon © 2011

I was given this picture 20 years ago via it’s owner as he wanted to sell it. At the time, I was a sales manager at Capital Ford, Helena, Montana, and would like to have helped him, but was void of answers for him as I really wasn’t into antique cars at the time. He let me keep this picture anyway. I will quote statistics from a book entitled Ford Chronicles. Ford produced 4,536 of these units and called them simply 4 door wagons and the price was $670.00. In comparison, Ford produced 322,575 2 door sedans which included both the standard and deluxe models. More than likely, a lot of the ones produced were special orders as I can’t imagine a dealer wanting to stock any of them. Who was he going to sell it to in 1935? History tells us times were quite rough back then!!

Enter 1935 Ford

February 9th, 2011

1935 Ford 4 Door © 2011

You know during the 1930’s depression it was seldom anyone bought a new car, but my Grandad, George A. Clark of Enid, Oklahoma  was the exception.  He bought a new 1935 Ford four door just like this one except it had green wheels. What a surprise this eight year old kid got when my Mom, brother and myself went to visit Grandad. One of my most treasured memories.