Fond Memories

February 26th, 2011

1937 Buick 4 Door Sedan © 2011

The 1937 BUick was my idea of an automobile when it appeared. When it came out, one of my uncles sold them and I recall him letting me sit on a right front fender and watching him do his sales presentation on the showroom floor of Stevens Buick Company, Enid, Oklahoma. The reason I say they were my idea of an automobile, when compared to a Chevy or Ford, the Buick looked monstrous!! Long, sleek and beautiful with those gorgeous paint colors! You would think that during the depression, both my uncle and Mr. Stevens would not have wanted a 9 year old kid sitting on a fender like I did while the presentation was going on, but when I think about it, they wanted the customer to feel no pressure at all and I helped. I didn’t say anything unless I was asked! I always admired my Uncle Jack’s sales ability. If there ever was a no pressure salesman-he was it!! I asked a co worker of his one time if Jack ever had any ambitions of owning a dealership or of being a manager and he said no because during the depression he was a money making dude right where he was in comparison to other salesmen in the city! He lived pretty good during the depression, I know that!!!