Really Uptown

April 14th, 2011

1930 Ford Model A Cabriolet©

Owners of a ritzy cabriolet got roll up windows and sturdy A pillars for $190.00 more than the cheapest roadster Ford produced in 1930. Cabs didn’t come near the production numbers of the roadsters which came with or without rumble seats in that only 29,226 cabs were produced as opposed to a total of 122,703 roadsters.

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  1. CHuDWuh Says:

    This is NOT a cabriolet – it is a Sport Coupe. It looks similar but the top does not fold and it has the external visor over the windshield – a cabriolet does not have the visor and the top does lower. These are the most obvious differences but there are others.

  2. Mathias demontel Says:

    Hello Im Mathias from punta del este (Uruguay ) I have a 1931 cabriolet 68b model and i would like to know moré about my car . Numer of cars produced of this model etc Please let me know if you have moré information , and congratulations For the car of the picture that its a great car !!
    Thanks in advance ..

  3. Robert Greenhaus Says:

    CHuDWuh is correct. The car in the photo is not a Cabriolet, it’s a Sport Coupe. Photos of Cabriolets are available at

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