Summer Fun

April 8th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet roadster©

How about this beautiful thing produced by Chevrolet in 1932? It is a Chevy collector’s dream car!! The couple that own this dream car were touring Yellowstone National Park when I snapped this picture. That’s what most of us would call touring in style!! Just don’t get too close to the elk!! I saw an elk attack a car right in front of me once in Yellowstone and I mean he hit it with a bang!!! He was watching over his harem and the car and driver just got too close!! Perhaps the elk thought the car had more sex appeal than he did!!!

2 Responses to “Summer Fun”

  1. Bruce S. DeFord Says:

    Nice picture of my car…..I’m not joking our family has owned it since 1972.

  2. JIm O'Connor Says:

    Hi Bruce!! on July 26th, 2012, you made a comment about the picture of your car on my website. I have to admit that I have paid very little attention to the site from the past year. I retired January 1, 2011 from real estate here in Helena, Montana. One of my sons designed my website to give me something to do until I got used to retirement. I have been extremely busy the past year doing various volunteer things and have neglected the site. I went down to Yellowstone for the sole purpose of seeing the old cars when I took the picture of your car. I am a VCCA member and have a 1974 Chevy caprice convertible and it didn’t come within the perimeters of the Yellowstone meet.. I just wanted to see the old cars and yours is a fine example. If we both happen to go to a meet, I will look you up. I hope you don’r mind my having your car on my site along with 226 others. All comments ever made on the site just came up yesterday in my e-mail box out of the blue!!