The Chevy leader in 1932?

April 8th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet coach©

Boy, did I get a surprise when looking up the production statistics of all Chevy’s in 1932. To my surprise it was not this model, it was it’s sister model-the BA Confederate Standard!! The one pictured is the Deluxe model!! The Deluxe base price was $515.00 and the Standard $495.00. Only 9,346 Deluxes were produced as opposed to 132,109 Standards. For only $20.00 more, the Deluxe could be bought!! But, remember folks-this was the big middle of the 1930’s depression!! For only $20.00 more you got chrome hood ports and cowl lights making the car’s appearance much nicer than the plain vanilla Standard model.

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  1. Ron Says:

    I just inherited a 32 chevy and I am trying to figure out what Model it is. It is 4 doors with the spare tire on mounted on the rear. That says Standard BUT then it is Chrome engine openings and a all chrome Radiator cowling… Are there any other options that i could check? Thank you

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