Assembled by Owner

February 9th, 2011

1938 Chevrolet Master Cabriolet © 2011

This gorgeous Chevy convertible wound up a work of art as it was made of two 1938 Chev’s put together. Just by looking at it and inspecting it unless you are a real pro, you would never know it didn’t come off a new car assembly line in Flint, Michigan. The man who owns this car has several prized model automobiles. He hails from Montana and is a member of the Pioneer and Classic Auto Club which has several chapters in the state. According to a book entitled Chevrolet Chronicle only 2787 cabriolets were made in 1938. All were of the Master series, not Master Deluxe. Chevy didn’t produce cabriolets in 1939, so I have an idea people bought the 38’s knowing 39’s were not going to exist. All you car buffs know there is very little difference in the body styles of 1937 and 1938 models, but to me a 1938 is a much nicer looking car than the 37’s just because of the hood design. Chevy really added just the right touch!!

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