Beautiful Survivor

April 1st, 2011

1932 Chevrolet Phaeton ©2011

Production of this model was only 419 in 1932, so I can only imagine there are probably less than 10 still in operation. This picture was taken at the James Leak auction held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in about 1986. James used to have and may still have a museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma. That was where I first saw this sleek beautiful thing and it is one of two I have ever seen. It would sure be a lot of fun to own and drive one of them, but not many of us will ever have that opportunity.

One Response to “Beautiful Survivor”

  1. Bruce S. DeFord Says:

    Can you tell me more about this car? Who owns it now or where it might be? I’m restoring one and would like to know more about this car. Thank you.