Years of reliability Our 1936 Chevrolet

February 9th, 2011

1936 Chevrolet Standard 2 Door © 2011

This car was a 2 owner when my Dad bought it in 1944. When purchased, it had 32,000 miles on it and when traded for a 1941 Chevrolet in 1948, it had 226,000 miles on it and was still running very well with only one valve and ring  job in all those miles. This car was a light gray color including the wheels.  I will never forget the night Dad and I went to Jess Bell’s house in Waynoka, Oklahoma and made the deal to buy the car for $450.00. The colors I remember for the standard models of this year were black, gray, tan and a light green. All had the same grayish color upholstery with bucket seats. I always wished it had been a deluxe model as they had bench seats making it much handier to court a girl friend!!!

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