More Streamlining

March 1st, 2011

1934 Chevrolet Sports Roadster ©

Chevrolet continued it’s model streamlining for all it’s 1934 models and the Sports Roadster was no exception. Three features which stand out in all 1934’s Master Series were the beautiful dash instrument panel cluster, which had been modified from the 1933 models, introduction of Knee Action front suspension and the engine horsepower raised from 65 in the 33’s to 80 in the 34’s. This was about the midway point in horsepower revisions made by Chevy from 1929 through 1954 in that horsepower rating of the six cylinder was up to 125 in the 1954 models. Sports Roadster production had really dwindled from 1931 as a for instance. Production figure for the Sports Roadster in 1931 was 24,050 and the 1934 figure was 1,974.

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