Advent of Beauty

February 28th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan © 2011

This picture was taken at a VCCA Rally in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2006. The owner of the car was obviously very proud of it and giving it a very thorough going over before judging time. All 1932 models were called the Confederate series and came in Standard and Deluxe models. The car pictured is a Deluxe model 4 door Sedan which featured chrome hood ports, cowl lights, fender wells and twin spare mounts. I would have thought twin trumpet horns would have been included, but my research reflects that all models came with one trumpet horn as standard. Economic times were much tougher in 1932 as compared to 1931 causing sales of 1932’s to be much ebbed as compared to 1931. Also, Ford had just come out with their V/8 engine creating havoc for Chevy! Compared to this featured model, it’s 1931 counterpart production was 109,775 versus only 52,446 1932’s. My statistics were taken from a book called Chevrolet Chronicles written by Arch Brown, Pat Chappell and Bob Hall.

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