Great Improvement

February 26th, 2011

1934 Master Series 4 Door Sedan © 2011

Great improvement, Maybe!! It’s styling was great!! Oh, those trumpet horns next to chromed headlight shells, more streamlined body styling, but that knee action!! I don’t know how many of you ever rode in a Chevy with knee action, but I can tell you they really did give a great ride, but they were a real pain in keeping them functioning!! If anyone in Oklahoma happens to see this article, I wish to tell you my family made innumerable trips between Waynoka, Oklahoma and Enid, Oklahoma. One of the fun things when my brother, Bill, and I were very young was to do the ride between Cleo Springs and Orienta, Oklahoma enroute to Enid or Waynoka! There was a stretch of pavement in there that Dad would hit doing 60 miles an hour and his 1935 would go just like we were riding a wave!! That was the only thing we liked about knee action!!!

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