Fun time in Helena, Montana

February 23rd, 2011

1950 Chevrolet Styline 2 Door © 2011

This 1950 Chevy was restored and donated to the City of Helena in 1996 by Steve Wong, a local used car dealer. It was used in a raffle to help offset costs of routing participants in the Great American Race to come through Helena, Montana in June of 1996. The writer, Jim O’Connor, was Committee Chairman in making arrangements for the tour. One wouldn’t think this would be a big deal to have such a number of cars and people hit town all within 2 hours, but believe me it took a lot of doing on the part of a lot of people including the Governor of Montana and the the Mayor of Helena. 115 antique cars participated in the tour and all were parked diagonally on our main street, Last Chance Gulch, for the citizenry to view. We had over 14,000 people checking out the cars which was the largest crowd ever behind the parade immediately after World War Two. It took a lot of work, but it was sure worth it!!

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