Chevy versus Cadillac

February 17th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe © 2011

The 1932 Chevrolet art deco was largely derived from the Cadillac models of 1932. GM knew that because of the depression, they had to come up with a Chevrolet design that would be a winner and they did so by patterning Chevy after Cadillac. I am quoting figures and certain information from a book entitled Chevrolet Chronicle written by Arch Brown, Pat Chappell and Bob Hall. In 1932 only GM and Nash were able to squeeze out a profit. Overall GM sales were less than half what they were in the 1931 model year. The 1932 figure stood at 313,395-the worst year of the 1930’s depression. To many of us Chevrolet admirers, the 1932 was the most beautiful Chevy ever produced. The colors of the car pictured above must have been very popular as to me it is the most frequently seen in car publications. Hardly ever do other color combinations appear. Several more articles and pictures of 1932 Chevys appear on this site.

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