Seldom Seen – 1935 Ford Wagon

February 17th, 2011

1935 Ford Wagon © 2011

I was given this picture 20 years ago via it’s owner as he wanted to sell it. At the time, I was a sales manager at Capital Ford, Helena, Montana, and would like to have helped him, but was void of answers for him as I really wasn’t into antique cars at the time. He let me keep this picture anyway. I will quote statistics from a book entitled Ford Chronicles. Ford produced 4,536 of these units and called them simply 4 door wagons and the price was $670.00. In comparison, Ford produced 322,575 2 door sedans which included both the standard and deluxe models. More than likely, a lot of the ones produced were special orders as I can’t imagine a dealer wanting to stock any of them. Who was he going to sell it to in 1935? History tells us times were quite rough back then!!

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  1. Jay W Casciato Says:


    You state that you were at one time a sales manager at Capital Ford in Helena, Montana. Perhaps you can help me. I own a 1974 Ford LTD that was originally purchased at Capital Ford and was still had by the original owner until late in 2008. I acquired the car, still in great original condition with just 71K original miles on her, in May of 2009. I have enjoyed driving and showing her in some local classic car events. I would love to have one of the dealer emblems/plaques or license frames to display on and with the car. I’ve been searching ebay, have contacted the current Helena Ford Dealership, and have even contacted some of the auto wrecking yards in and around Helena, but still no luck. Would you possibly be able to help me? It certainly would be appreciated.

  2. Jim O'Connor Says:

    Jay- I was sales manager for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury at Capital Motors for about 2 years beginning in 1991. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I see some of the sales people who worked there at the time I was there and I will ask them if they have anything that you are trying to locate. I’ll be glad to help you if I can! Jim O’Connor

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