Accentuate the Positive

April 5th, 2011

1931 Chevrolet roadster©

I never get tired of looking at really nice older Chevrolet roadsters. To me they are a piece of art!! I snapped this picture at a VCCA rally in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1996. It was a very warm day and just thinking of cruising around in this car made the day seem cooler!! I have no way of knowing how many of these cars were painted these colors, but from the number I’ve seen, the colors must have been very popular.

A museum piece of history

April 1st, 2011

1931 Chevrolet roadster©

This roadster was located in George’s Museum, Enid, Oklahoma a few years ago and I was lucky enough to get to see it along with other great cars in this well decored museum. I say well decored as George had really nice sets for a lot of his cars-for instance a set depicting John Dillinger and the theatre he attended before being caught by, I believe, it was Elliott Ness and his agents. Another set was an old time filling station. My point is if you are ever in Enid, look up George’s Museum if it still exists. You will be glad you took the time to see it!

Nice old BLue

April 1st, 2011

1932 Chevrolet 5 window coupe©

This picture was taken at a national Chevy club rally in 1996 that was held at Rapid City, South Dakota. There were a bunch of ’32’s there, but this one really stood out among the others. It was just super nice!! It was decked out nice as was, but I don’t know why the owner didn’t have it fitted with a right rear tail light ,rear view mirrors on the twin spare tires and chrome wheel rings to really set it off!! THis was sure a nice rally in that over 1400 people and 650 antique Chevys were in attendance.

Needs Restoration

April 1st, 2011

1931 Chevrolet 5 window coupe©

I used to see this car quite frequently while it was being driven around Helena, Montana. I saw it when parked one day and took this picture. I know the owner enjoyed wheeling it around town as I saw it so often! The motor must have been in good shape as I never saw any smoke!! I’m almost sure the paint on it was original and the owner just wanted to keep it that way!

Saw it in Montana

April 1st, 2011

1938 Chevrolet Deluxe convertible©

This is the first 1938 Chevy convertible I ever saw and I had to come from Oklahoma to Montana to see it!! What a surprise it was to me when one day I saw it in a parade in Helena, Montana. It sure made my day!! The brown color looks rather drab after looking at the turquoise one on this site, but it was still plenty good looking! As far as I am concerned, any 1938 was a good looking vehicle regardless of the model. I think the only 2 things I don’t like about the ’38’s are the dash and the standard hood ornament. They just don’t do anything for the car as opposed to the 37 models!! Only my opinion folks!!

Beautiful Survivor

April 1st, 2011

1932 Chevrolet Phaeton ©2011

Production of this model was only 419 in 1932, so I can only imagine there are probably less than 10 still in operation. This picture was taken at the James Leak auction held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in about 1986. James used to have and may still have a museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma. That was where I first saw this sleek beautiful thing and it is one of two I have ever seen. It would sure be a lot of fun to own and drive one of them, but not many of us will ever have that opportunity.

Elegant Wheels

April 1st, 2011

1932 Chevrolet Roadster ©2011

This roadster is not the flashiest I have ever seen, but it is a very classy looking car!! I’m always amazed at how much difference colors make on the same model car as you will see on other pictures of the same model on this site! !932 roadsters have held their values for a long time,ie, I can remember in 1974 I saw a black roadster in Lamesa, Texas and the price on it at that time was $25,000.00. A nice one is easily worth that much and probably a lot more today! Of course ’32’s have always been a stand out!!

Bigger and Better

March 31st, 2011

1931 Chevrolet 5 window coupe©

That is the pitch Chevrolet used in promoting the new Independence AE series for 1931!! The coupe came as pictured with 5 windows, but was also available with only 3 windows-priced at $545.00 and $535.00 respectively. Chevy also produced a five window that included a rumble seat and called it a Sport Coupe for $30.00 more than the regular five window unit. As you browse through the cars on this site, it won’t take you long to figure out I am very partial to ’31 and ’32 models as you will see so many of them!! I am always taken by their beauty!!

Immaculate ain’t it?

March 30th, 2011

1930 Chevrolet roadster©

In 1930 this beautiful auto could be purchased at a base price of $515.00. There was a more inexpensive model priced at $495.00, but it did not include a rumble seat. Not surprisingly 27,561 purchasers went for the rumble as opposed to 5,684 for the non rumble, which proves the point, if you are going to go-go first class!! From the inception of Chevy, 72% of them were still in use in 1930. Sometime in the 1930’s, Chevy produced it’s 7 millionth vehicle!! Lot’s of Chevys running around the country!!

1928 Dream Car

March 30th, 2011

1928 Chevrolet Roadster©

1928 was a year of great celebration for Chevrolet Motor Division in that the 5 millionth Chevy was produced. More than ever before their advertising was targeted towards women and it paid off!! Looking at this beauty, it is no wonder their sales in ’28 were so great!! For the writer, it is very difficult to distinguish a 1927 from a 1928 model, but from research I find the wheelbase of the 1928 models was stretched 4 inches to accommodate the oncoming 1929 6 cylinder engines. This can be seen by looking at the 4 inches longer hood of the ’28’s.

Nice Face Lift for 38ths

March 29th, 2011

1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Coupe©

Chevy made just the right exterior cosmetic changes from the 1937 models when they came out with the 1938 models, even though the number was modest. The obvious changes were the hood louvres and the horizontal grill versus the vertical in the 37’s. I personally do not like the standard hood ornament-I think it should have looked more like the 1937 optional ornament-kind of a flying lady!! Even though to some of us it was a nice facelift, it is apparent the buying public didn’t think so as sales of this model in 1937 totaled 56,166 versus 36,108 in 1938!! –

Dress It Up!!

March 29th, 2011

1931 Chevrolet dash applique©

I have always wondered why anyone owning a 1931 or 1932 Chevy didn’t have this applique on the dash. As of the day I am incorporating this item on the site I find $23.50 plus shipping will buy one from The Filling Station located in Lebanon, Oregon-phone number 1-800-841-6622. If you don’t have one, this is where you can get it and add a lot to the appearance of yor dash!!

Flip top in Red

March 29th, 2011

1951 Chevrolet convertible©antiquecarnut

We all look back and ask ourselves why did I do this or why didn’t I do this!! In this case, my queston to me is why didn’t I buy a Chevrolet convertible in 1951 when I was a dashing Air Force Lieutenant and had the chips to do it? All my buddies were buying new cars and I always wanted a new Chevy convertible, so why didn’t I cut loose and get one? I’ll tell you why!! It would have cost me roughly 25 percent more than a Styline 2 door model!! Believe it or not, I do have a conservative side somewhere in my brain!! As proof, I opted for a Styline 2 door that was solid gray!! I look at this beautiful red convertible and ask myself, what was I thinking? I’m looking at all the chrome on this car and don’t believe the owner missed any options.

Wow!! It can’t be true!!

March 2nd, 2011

1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe ©

1941 Chevrolet production ran it’s full model year and 1942 models were introduced, but due to World War Two, all Chevrolet production ceased in February 1942. Any kind of material went to war!! As a result of the war, it was very difficult to find a good used car, however, we had a used car dealer in my little hometown of Waynoka, Oklahoma, population 1800, that was very adept at finding nice units. His name was Red Ritter. He found a 1941 Special Deluxe two door that was absolutely flawless and he loved to show it off every evening by driving very slowly around the town square for all to see. It was a real pretty medium color green adorned with every chrome item made for a 1941. At that time as an after market item, canvas door awnings were available in dark green and his car even had them. Did I ever envy him watching him drive around! Financial times were not good for my family from 1932 until 1948 when my Dad started to hit one jackpot after another and in 1948, he traded our 1936 Chevy for a 1941 just like Red’s only black. What a jump!! The coupe pictured sure reminded me of that car and how I loved it!!

Sporty Auto

March 2nd, 2011

1930 Chevrolet Sport Coupe ©

While attending an antique car show in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho several years ago, I saw this car and it dawned on me that this body style car is the logo car of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. I’ve always thought the club could not have picked a cuter car for the logo. When new, the base price of this car was $615.00 and it came standard with wire wheels, rumble seat and a roll down rear window so those in the front seat could communicate with the folks enjoying thre rumble. I have been noting as I go along writing the copy for my pictures how the horsepower of the Stove Bolt Six engine increased over the years due to refinements made by Chevrolet. When the engine was first introduced in 1929 the horsepower rating was 46 and the rating in 1930 had risen to 50. I personally never did like the looks of the 1929 dashboard cluster and was glad it was refined for the 1930’s. One of the best refinements shown on the new 1930 cluster was a gas guage. In order to check how much gas was in the tank in 1929, it was necessary to go to the right rear of the car body and there was the guage! Not too handy especially on a cold winter night!!

Absolutely Gorgeous

March 1st, 2011

1931 Chevrolet Sport Roadster ©

This picture was taken at a VCCA 5 year rally held in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2006. I really had some reservations about driving over 700 miles to attend this rally, But!!! I had just registered myself and my wife as attendants and was walking out of the lobby of the rally headquarters hotel when this car appeared at the hotel entrance. Seeing it really made my day and the trip well worth it right then!! Outstanding is the only way to describe the beauty of this car. I have seen many 1931 roadsters, but none ever compared to this one! Chevy added just the right touches to make the predecessor 1929 and 1930’s pale in comparison to the 1931’s! Many people must have thought the same as me in that a whopping 24,050 of these gems were produced in spite of the depression being in full swing!

More Streamlining

March 1st, 2011

1934 Chevrolet Sports Roadster ©

Chevrolet continued it’s model streamlining for all it’s 1934 models and the Sports Roadster was no exception. Three features which stand out in all 1934’s Master Series were the beautiful dash instrument panel cluster, which had been modified from the 1933 models, introduction of Knee Action front suspension and the engine horsepower raised from 65 in the 33’s to 80 in the 34’s. This was about the midway point in horsepower revisions made by Chevy from 1929 through 1954 in that horsepower rating of the six cylinder was up to 125 in the 1954 models. Sports Roadster production had really dwindled from 1931 as a for instance. Production figure for the Sports Roadster in 1931 was 24,050 and the 1934 figure was 1,974.

Not quite the Same

February 28th, 2011

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 Door Sedan © 2011

The 54’s got a minor face lift, but that was enough to make them remain in the winners column. 1954 model Bel Air 4 Doors out sold their 1953 counter parts by 1466 units!! One very popular color combination was a brownish-orange color and ivory that came out on the ’54 models. A friend of mine bought one of those beauties and when doing so, he ordered every chrome option available. It was really a showy automobile!! The 210 4 door was a nice looking car, but even with adding many options, it’s looks didn’t come anyplace near those of a Bel Air! I find it interesting that when the Stove Bolt Six was introduced in 1929, it’s horsepower rating was 46. Revisions made over the interim increased the 1954 horsepower rating to 125!!

Advent of Beauty

February 28th, 2011

1932 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan © 2011

This picture was taken at a VCCA Rally in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2006. The owner of the car was obviously very proud of it and giving it a very thorough going over before judging time. All 1932 models were called the Confederate series and came in Standard and Deluxe models. The car pictured is a Deluxe model 4 door Sedan which featured chrome hood ports, cowl lights, fender wells and twin spare mounts. I would have thought twin trumpet horns would have been included, but my research reflects that all models came with one trumpet horn as standard. Economic times were much tougher in 1932 as compared to 1931 causing sales of 1932’s to be much ebbed as compared to 1931. Also, Ford had just come out with their V/8 engine creating havoc for Chevy! Compared to this featured model, it’s 1931 counterpart production was 109,775 versus only 52,446 1932’s. My statistics were taken from a book called Chevrolet Chronicles written by Arch Brown, Pat Chappell and Bob Hall.

1929 The Rise and Fall

February 26th, 2011

1929 Chevrolet Landau Sedan © 2011

Everything was going great!! The economy was booming and people felt they were flying high!! Then came October 29th and the bottom fell out of the stock market and so started a horrible depression!! The 1929 Chevrolet Landau you might say suffered a similar situation!! It rose and fell in that only about 300 of this model were produced! It just was not well received in spite of the fact it was equipped with the new Stove Bolt Six engine and complete new body styling. The rear quarter of the body folded down like a convertible, but that just wasn’t much fun. If you wanted a top that folded down, you got a roadster or a phaeton! Since there were so few produced, this model is a rare commodity these days!! I took this picture while attending a national rally of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America in Rapid City, S.D. in 1996.

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